Fregavento is distinguished by its visual density and smooth flavor. The choice of the most suitable Montonico (100%) vineyards, planted in soils with a stone, cobble, and gravel skeleton and a scarce presence of humus, allows this wine to achieve full expression.

After soft pressing the specially selected grapes, the must is taken to 65% of the fermentation process in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats before being transferred to oak casks to complete the alcoholic fermentation and initiate malolactic fermentation.

After bottling, the wine is stacked and kept in the cellar for at least three years before the remuage. After removing the lees (disgorging) and adding sugar, the wine is left to develop in the bottle for forty-eight months.

The enticing aroma of pears and fresh bread crust, the faint perception of citron all reveal the quality of this traditional method.