Slide 4 THE HISTORY The Presentosa Respect for folklore, memory of time-honored manners, a taste for the patience of other times, a committed allegiance to a shared way of thinking: this is the presentosa. Gabriele D’Annunzio described it as “a large filigree star flanked by two hearts…” lying over the heart of she who wears it.

Slide It is merely a tender thought, crafted by an artisan, but it seals a commitment of betrothal, it embodies the precious pledge of love and life to be lived together. Of uncertain origin, it testifies to the absolute truth of the meaning of love. Proudly worn on important occasions—village festivals, religious ceremonies, pilgrimages, and family feasts—the presentosa has always been an essential element in the sentimental alphabet of a people.

Codice Vino embraces this symbology, specially designing its own presentosa and having it crafted by the master goldsmith Maurizio D’Ottavio of Guardiagrele. On every bottle it now reaffirms the enchanting and mysterious bond of love with the land of Abruzzo.
The sentimental seal of Codice Vino


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